Adcab is a leading manufacturer of wires and cables in India with a strong Technical back-up, a wide range of quality products and a fast turnaround time.

Adcab realises that the emerging economy of India has resulted in increasing investment in sectors like residential and non-residential construction, social and industrial infrastructure development, power generation and distribution, and telecommunications. With the national focus on infrastructure development and industrialisation, the wires and cables manufacturing industry is central to the growth of India’s economy. Construction, energy and Telecommunication companies need large quantities of high-quality wires and cables that are delivered on time to meet their commitments.

Keeping the needs of the construction and telecom sectors in mind, Adcab is a wires and cables manufacturing company started by a group that successfully operates units in the hospitality, salt and other key sectors. Given our background in service and infrastructure industries, Adcab understands that timely delivery and quality control is essential for our client companies to meet their requirements and deadlines in the Telecommunication and Construction industry.

The USPs of the company includes:

Adcab has achieved some of the quickest deliveries in India’s wires and cables manufacturing industry, from order to execution and delivery at site, including zero-waiting period in some product categories.
Extensive manufacturing and engineering capabilities to meet the requirements of specific core sectors.
High standards of Technical Excellence, Safety factors and Quality Control.
Transparency in all dealings.
A focus on service and client requirements.
Complete solutions for domestic cabling needs.
Aesthetically appealing packaging for wholesale and retail buyers.
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